A long range of F-Secure\NS\default\ nested directories


F-Secure by XS4all version 17.8 on Windows 10 Pro 19041.508

On October 13, I became aware of a whole range of nested folders which all seem to contain the same items.

C:\Users\All Users\F-Secure\NS\default\NS\default\NS\default\NS\default\NS\default\NS\default\NS\default\NS\default\NS\default\NS\default\NS\default\NS\default\NS\default\NS\default\NS\default\NS\default\NS\default\NS\default\NS\default\NS\default\NS\default\NS\default\NS\default\NS\default\NS\default\NS\default\NS\default\NS\default\NS\default\NS\default\NS\default\

My backup program stumbled on it because it could not convert the name. I have no clue what it does relate to, maybe it has to do with an update?

Can I delete some of these repeating directories or.....? Advice most welcome!

Thank you for your help

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  • salto
    salto Posts: 2 New Member

    Thank you very much for your quick reply.

    Am glad I know what's going on and there is an easy remedy.👌

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