XFENCEDaemon on MacOS 10.15.7 stalls Clip Studio Paint

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After changing from another Mac antivirus software to F-Secure SAFE, I have encountered an issue with Clip Sudio Paint -drawing software. Starting up the program, and opening a file, or creating a new takes significantly long time. From Activity Monitor I see that XFENCEDaemon takes very much CPU while this happens. As such I think that the situation with Clip Studio Paint is similar to Mongo DB case reported earlier on. Is there way to make XFENCEDaemon to recognize the Clip Studio Paint?


  • ArthurValArthurVal Posts: 34 F-Secure Employee


    Thanks for your report! Could you please run Support Tool app shipped with SAFE and submit the resulted archive with SAFE diagnostics to our Customer Care so that we could analyze the whole picture?

    We will investigate the "Clip Studio Paint" app on our side to find out the appropriate way of handling it so that SAFE does not cause any inconvenience while using it.

    Best regards, Arthur

    SAFE Mac R&D Team

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