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I just installed F-secure safe on my windows 10 . Im trying to get a program that was put in quarantine to get opened,But F-secure wont let me open the App& file kontroller . I run the computer as Admin as i am the only user on this desktop. It wont let me overrun its decsission on the quarantine.

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    Hi @Ascend

    You can view what type of file has been quarantined by going to the Settings.

    1. Open F-Secure SAFE
    2. Click Tools
    3. Click App and file control
    4. In the Quarantined tab, you'll see the files that are being quarantined and then take an action from there.

    Try to check if you can also submit to our lab in case it's a false positive.


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    Sorry for my reply.

    Maybe it is good to know a bit more about your setting. For example, what is F-Secure SAFE version in use (rightclick for F-Secure SAFE tray picture -> "About').

    Also, what is actually happened after try to open "App and file control"? Completely nothing? Or some output? Did you see UAC prompt for elevation rights after a try to open it?

    Maybe something stuck after update - did you restart (reboot) system? Could you try so, for example if your experience usually about shutdown or hibernation system.

    Or it was possible to open it, but override decision (restore from quarantine) is not possible? Also, maybe you could try to use Exclusion list - if it is possible to open "App and file control".


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