F-Secure renewal not working

talismantalisman Posts: 1 New Member
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My F-Secure subscription expires today. For the last couple of weeks a reminder message has been popping up and three times now I have tried to renew it. In previous years there has been no problem. This year, I click on renew and it says on screen that I have successfully renewed but, in fact, the opposite is the case. Can anyone suggest what I can do - the UK phone help line is not open again till Monday.


  • Carolina1973Carolina1973 Posts: 2 New Member

    I have the same problem but can’t renew at all. I’m forwarded to a page that says “This page doesn’t exist” when I click to pay...

  • SethuSethu Posts: 634 Moderator

    Hi @talisman @Carolina1973

    By searching your email address, I can see that your renewal has been done successfully and sorry for the trouble you went through. You can always reach our Live Chat support works 24/7 if you unable to reach phone support.

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