Subscription under the vodafone promotion will end tomorrow. Help!


My subscription under the vodafone promotion will end tomorrow. Although I like to keep my internet and phone security, I do not wish to continue with the subscription because I find this expensive. Will this automatically stop or do I have to click a cancel button so that it will not automatically renew and charge me?  Or do you have suggestions that I can get a free trial? Thank you.


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    I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).

    You might want to check the name of your renew / subscribe option. Auto-renewal or "manual". I am not sure how Vodafone promotion is customized - but if it is still "My F-Secure Account" portal - then it should be quite clear there. And, perhaps, you can use a "cancel" button in any case (since there is only one day left). However, I think that after that all the security functions will no longer work.

    So, I will recommend to contact their Official Support channel (for example, web-chat):

    And ask for assistance in this matter.

    What about general discussion - what was your solution? Is it AV (internet security) or VPN? Or both?

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