ONLY want F-Secure ID NOT the entire package

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I use the F-Secure Key Password manager. After having my subscription be auto-renewed on my phone, I find I can't sync to my computer and digging around leads me to find I cannot use that on my PC anymore, I must have F-Secure ID.


I must have an account.

Fine, sign up for that.

However, attempting to install JUST the ID keeps sending me to the main page where it wants to download an entire Secure Safe package that I can't install unless I get rid of my Spybot, something I don't want to do since I'm not planning on using any of the antivirus for my computer.

There is no option to continue without removing the Spybot.

Is there a way to just get whatever has replaced the password manager on my PC or should I look elsewhere for a manager?

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    I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions). Sorry for my reply.

    It should be possible to do so. Instruction for F-Secure KEY users:

    But, maybe, you did use or created account that somewhat pinned to your another(?) F-Secure subscription. Since F-Secure ID Protection is also part of F-Secure TOTAL package - then maybe your experience about it. But I still think that it should be possible to install only "F-Secure ID Protection". Even if your subscription is for "F-Secure Total" and not only "F-Secure ID Protection".

    Anyway, I tried to create a trial account ( ) and portal was about only "ID Protection" with installation executable looks like "ID Protection" only. Could you check it or to provide a bit more information?

    Also it is possible to use their official Support channels (for example, web-chat):


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    I did exactly what you said.

    Which is what I did last night, twice.

    Once I log in, it will not take me to just install ID protection. Going BACK to the ID Protection page it says 'register' or 'log in' once I log in, again, I am met with the "add your device" where it gives me the installer for the full package.

    The link you provided (home/pducuts/id-protect) leads me to a page not found.

    I used the guide link your provided last night but did so again tonight incase I messed something up.

    It will not show me the 'download' page. I click 'try for free' it has 'register' I click log in then am routed to a place where my only option is to 'add device' for Secure Safe. Please see attached.

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    I appreciate your patience. I will make a better update once I am able to try these things on Monday.

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    Thank you for your assistance. Using a different email and registering again allowed me to download the product and it did successfully sync with the old Password files. I will contact support (as instructed by the FAQ) to get my subscription transfered.

    Thank you again for your paitence.

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