So how do I renew my subscription - seems only option is to let it expire and then something

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Hi there,

I've been a relatively happy user of F-Secure products for several years. Until now. There seemed to be a campaign here and a campaign there, which lured myself to add device licenses to amount of 15. I really do not need that amount of licenses. I checked through my devices and the real need would be five (5).

Of course, the 15 licenses would cost me 199,99 EUR a year - and 5 licenses would cost me still 99,99 EUR a year. No biggy, it's a SaaS business, I work in the industry as well. But there is absolutely no way of downsizing the amount of licenses. I do not get any option - anywhere in My F-Secure or as part of order process to choose that instead of 15 licenses I would want to settle to 5 licenses. Now, I get it, it would be a churn down BUT I will not pay for 15 licenses, and if there is no way of downsizing the lic amount I'll choose the competitor.

Scenario 1:

I get like each and every device saying RENEW YOUR SUBSCRIPTION. When I try that, the only option is to choose from the existing amount of licenses. No options for choosing less. Outrageous.

Scenario 2:

I try to create a completely new order for e.g. F-Secure TOTAL with 5 devices licenses. It of course recognizes the email address and redirects to My F-Secure, where the ONLY option is to choose 15 licenses. Outrageous.

Fix this, asap please

. - Vikke-T - .


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    Dear @VikkeT

    I see in our system that the issue has been solved, can i help you with anything else ?




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    Fully agree with @VikkeT about the missing feature in portal.In fact the whole "portal" should be upgraded up to 2020-decade.So far the feature requests of upgarding have had the same effect as "blowing/shouting" in the wind".Looking forward to upcoming year if some progress will become.For the time being,complete silence exists...No more licences until then...

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