Disconections problem with freedome vpn on ipados

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I had since i installed the vpn on iOS and ipadOS some conections problems, after some time the conection automatically turn off and reconect after 1 second. (Both icons the wifi conection icon and VPN icon dissapear by 1 second).

Why this happens? Some user have same problem?. How can fix this and why is this problem caused?

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    Hi @VPN88

    May I know the version of Freedome VPN running on your iOS device? Did you check Freedoem VPN connecting with different network i.e Switch to 4G from WiFi?

    If you have performed all the steps, but the issue still reproduce. We would suggests you try enabling IKEv2 feature on Freedome to see if the connection issue solved.

    1. Open Freedome
    2. Click Settings
    3. Tap Use IKEv2 to enable

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    Sorry for the delay on response.

    1- Im using the last version for ipadOS the version is the

    2- It happens and all WIFI´s where i tested, and i just tested on WIFI not in 4G, i dont know if this happens on mobile networks like 4G.

    3- I try IKEv2 and same problem appears and take more time to reconect with this protocol.

    4- I have this issue since a lot of months in 2 diferent ipads with diferent ipadOS versions.

    5- Its happens in all servers and locations that i tested, included servers of Germany, Spain, and Austria.

    Please send this info to developement team of freedome to try to recreate this issue, its very annoying. It happens more from 5 to 6 PM i dont know why.

    I try with other VPN service from other company and i dont have this kind of issue.


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    Hi @VPN888

    Would it be possible for you to provide us the screen shot of speed test with Freedome ON and OFF?

    And let me know at which country you are currently located and using the Freedome. So I will check this with our backend team

  • VPN8888
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    With freedome ON:

    Fredoome OFF:

    This is the problem:

    And after some seconds (more if is IKEv2) again turns on.

    The currently country using freedome is Spain, but as i told you it happens on each server i tried, included Germany, Spain and Austria.


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