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Good afternoon,

I have attempted to import all my passwords from Microsoft Edge, it has corrupted all the data and added it all into the wrong fields.

This means that i have 2000+ Passwords that i either have to manually delete or im hoping someone can point me at a better solution here.

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    Hi @WebTechPlus

    You can only import passwords from password manager applications provided you use the above listed export formats.

    At the moment, importing passwords from a web browser is not possible.


  • Jaims
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    Hi @WebTechPlus

    Kindly have a look at this  KB article which tells more about the required formats.

    Let us know if you need further clarification.

  • WebTechPlus
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    I have followed that exact guide and it does not work.

    So what I have done is a load of testing and found this method works…

    1.                  Part 1

    1. Open F-Secure KEY (Premium).
    2. Type in your Master Password when prompted.
    3. Go to Menu > Connect devices. An 8-digit sync code is automatically generated. This code is valid for only 60 seconds.

    2.                  Part 2

    1. Install the App from either apple store or google play store
    2. Open the app and Log in with your account
    3. Select the menu icon and ‘connect devices’
    4. Enter in the code from Part 1

    3.                  Part 3

    1. Open F-Secure ID PROTECTION on the current device you want to sync your password data to.
    2. Go to Menu > Connect devices, and type in the generated sync code from step 3.
    3. Tap or click Connect.
    4. When prompted, enter the master password that you use on your Premium device.
    5. Once synchronization is successful, tap Confirm if syncing to a mobile, or click OK if syncing to a desktop.

    You have to use a mobile as the sharing point else it does not work.

    My other issue is importing passwords.

    NON of the pre-loaded formats work, I have tried to tweak the settings for several of them and they just fail.

    What I would love to see added is a ‘Custom Import’

    So you can import a simple CSV file with the set headings of;

    • Title
    • Username
    • Password
    • Web Address
    • Notes

    I thought Auto detect would work with this format but it does not.

    Here is an example I have attempted to import;

    Title, Username, Password, Web Address, Notes

    Test Password Import, George, Password-01,, This is a test Import

    Autodetect fails, the only one that comes close to working is Dash Lane import…

    Again as I said I have then done a load of testing to see what fields I can import… and I can never populate the Web Address field I can get everything else to work though, which is painful.

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