Launching the new ranking structure in our Community

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Dear F-Secure Community members,

We are excited to launch the newly revamped ranking structure in the F-Secure Community.

Ranks are assigned to members to recognize and reward their engagement in the Community. A member can have only one rank at a time.

Ranking structure and names:

You begin with the rank ‘New Member’ once you register into the F-Secure Community. The more you participate, the higher you rank up. You can keep ranking up to our topmost rank - ‘Forum Ultimate Master’.

You will also see some static ranks (which do not change) displayed next to some users – like Moderator, F-Secure Product Manager, Superuser etc. These will help you to identify who these members are and with whom you are interacting in the Community.

The ranking names have also been revamped. If you have been having a rank name as ‘Advocate’ in the previous ranking system, you will be having a different name in here. Nothing to worry; based on your points collected, you will be receiving the ranks as per this new ranking structure.

Assigning Ranks:

With the migration to the new platform, the ranking structure and the criteria to reward the ranks has been revamped based on how the current community works. If you are a member already, you will be assigned your respective rank once you login to the Community. Although we might not be able to share the exact way on how the formula works, you can rank up based on how active you’re in the Community – posting your discussions/questions, answering questions, providing accepted answers, etc,.


Your rank will be displayed in your profile page and in the posts you make (next to your nickname).

We will be reviewing the ranking structure as needed. If you have any questions or any feedback about the new ranking, please feel free to discuss.

Thank you for your continued engagement in the Community.

Stay safe and take care!