How many locations (IPs) does F-Secure FREEDOME have?

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Two moments.

The first one: I manage a website and I need to check if the script is working (redirection to .uk .de zones of Amazon from my affiliate links) for all english speaking countries. I need to check it out by connecting individually

The second one: I use a NOD32 antivirus now, and can't figure out which soft is better according to reviews. The only thing I've noticed is that F-Secure antivrus is not that popular as NOD32, but that's not a problem at all. I'd like to know if someone has experience of using both, what's the key difference? And is there a package for FREEDOME and Anti-Virus.

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    Hi @V_Jeff

    For your First question: please refer this KB article to know all virtual locations available for Freedome. So you can try out with Freedome trial package to see how it works.

    For your Second question: we do not recommended to use two different antivirus software at the same time, since our software already contains all necessary security components. Is it even a very bad idea to run two antivirus programs at the same time. There are three reasons for this:

    1. They will try to remove each other. If you have two different antivirus software, the first antivirus software will scan the system for software that monitor and send out the information about the system settings. The second antivirus software that is doing the same, will be detects as a threat, blocked and removed by the first antivirus software.
    2. They will be fighting for viruses. If the first antivirus software detects a virus, it removes it and places into quarantine. However, if the second antivirus software detects this quarantine file, it will remove it and places in its own quarantine. There will be constantly virus warnings displayed, even though it is no longer a threat to your system. If you do not want to get false warnings all the time, use only one antivirus software.
    3. They will reduce the system performance. Antivirus programs use a lot of memory to perform system scans and other operations. If you use two such programs at the same time, the performance of your computer can be extremely reduced.

    We have F-Secure TOTAL package includes F-Secure Safe anti-virus, Freedome VPN and ID protection, please have a look at our Compare Products page that helps to compare the feature available in our F-Secure with competitor products.

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