Allowing a site & file do not enable me to download


I have submitted a probable false positive on an exe-file, that was blocked as a generic Trojan dropper.

I wanted to download that file, scan it, and possibly install it, as I had been waiting for that file as an update.

But neither allowing the website, nor allowing the blocked file helped me do that.

Possibly the file really contains a virus, but otherwise this leads nowhere.

So, should I be able to operate the way I tried? Then the mechanisms that should enable me don't seem to work.

I have not yet received a reaction about the submitted file, so I am not sure about that.

Accepted Answer

  • Simon
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    I'm pretty sure F-Secure won't allow the file to run if it suspects it's malicious, no matter what you do. I think your only option is to await a response from the labs.

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