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Hi @f-secure ,

One thing I would wish to welcome down the road is some "action taken" on the warnings for the "Monitoring. " So I can remove it as a mark?

I.e. I get a warning from a breach back in 2016, I have removed the account from that system, and I dont see any reason to get warnings from that today

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  • Sethu
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    Hi @KennethN

    That's correct, that feature you are looking for is not available with our current version of IDP.

    However, we've devised a web form that you can use to submit your ideas for features that you want to see included in future versions of F-secure.

    You can access the form here:

    This is the best method for submitting your feature requests, as this form goes directly to our Product team and effectively cuts out the middleman (me) as you communicate your ideas and your use cases to the people that develop F-secure features. 

    In the community, we'd still love to see any potential workarounds that you might have to supplement features that you're looking for in F-secure.


  • Sethu
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    Hi @KennethN

    Are you looking for a feature to delete the breach result?

    If yes, its not possible to delete the specific breach result that appeared in ID protection. Currently, the only way is to delete the email address from Monitored items to clear up the breach results.

    It doesn't matter even if you delete the account from that affected system or source, that your breached information should be stored somewhere i.e deepweb. We collect breached and leaked datasets using multiple techniques and from many sources. We acquire the most actionable data from sources using Human Intelligence. Additionally, we do complement our recovered datasets by relying on automating scanning and monitoring technologies which focus more on various forums on the deep and dark web. Although we use these scanners and automated collection tools, the vast majority of useful data comes from human intelligence and is our primary focus. We are unable to reveal details of our scanning efforts due to tradecraft protection.

  • KennethN
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    Hi @Sethu ,

    Thank you for a very detailed and good reply on my question.

    I like the concept of the scan, what it gives me and what actions you recommend!

    Lets take the Adobe October 2016 as an example. My account might have been exposed, and at that time, I did not use a password manager, but today, I´m using a loooooooong password + 2FA.

    In this case, I have taken action and therefor would like to snooze that warning, but based on your reply, this is not a function that will be enabled?

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