Does the Banking Protection protect purchases made online too?

I was wondering if the "Banking Protection" protects when making purchases online too? Or does it just protect when you log into your Banking site?

If it doesn't protect purchases too, will there be something soon that will help protect when making online purchases? Do you think that would be a good idea? I know I'd feel a lot better with more protection when making purchases online.

Thank you!

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  • CaleCale Posts: 76 F-Secure Product Manager
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    Currently banking protection triggers only when you access bank sites. If the purchase is paid with bank transaction (popular at least here in Finland) it will trigger banking protection.

    We have been discussing about a wider online shopping protection, but have not yet decided if/when to implement it. We may try it out in the beta in the near future to collect feedback.




  • Candi1Candi1 Posts: 30 Explorer

    Thank you very much Cale! I really appreciate it. I had seen something the other day(I think it might have been with AOL but not positive). & I had seen a couple others lately too saying their app or program protects online purchases(all online purchases, not just through your bank or banking site). & that got me thinking, that a great idea to help protect online purchases(not just through banking sites but all shopping sites in general).

    I really hope F-Secure will decide to implement purchase protection. With more & more things happening on the internet, the more protection we have for purchases, the better. At least I think so. But I'm sure many others do too.

    Thanks again Cale! I hope you stay safe & healthy! & I hope you have a nice weekend!

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