Support of WireGuard protocol in Freedome

JOnesJOnes Posts: 277 Influencer
  • Add support of WireGuard protocol in Freedome(all possible platforms)
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  • Smokey_314Smokey_314 Posts: 4 New Member

    WireGuard’s much smaller codebase, compared with OpenVPN, is attractive. And, it’s part of the Linux kernel.

    PIA recently added support for it.

    We probably should care more about not dropping the VPN connection, or a failsafe feature that shuts down the network connection entirely when the VPN connection is lost.

    I’d rather fail closed than fail open.

  • Websquid83Websquid83 Posts: 3 New Member

    This definetely gets my vote! It would be great to see the WireGuard protocol in Freedome.

    Kind regards

  • Websquid83Websquid83 Posts: 3 New Member

    Are there any news regarding this topic?

    It would be great to make freedome much faster. With freedome my connection dropped down from 260mbit/sek to 50 mbit/sek. This never happens with Wireguard-VPNs.

    Kind regards

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