Mozilla Firefox browser extension not recognized by F-Secure SAFE

Hello, I have installed F-Secure SAFE and its Mozilla Firefox browser extension too, which seems to work (the URL gets blocked). However, when I open F-Secure SAFE, in the main page it says that the Mozilla Firefox browser extension is not in use. I have the latest Firefox, version 79.0.

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  • Jaims
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    Hi @igloija

    Please check that your F-Secure SAFE is fully up-to-date. First run pending Windows Update, restart PC and click on Check for Updates from the Tools tab of your F-Secure SAFE. That should work but if it fails;

    Open your F-Secure program

    Click Settings

    Pick Browsing Protection

    Choose Reinstall Extensions for Firefox at the bottom

    Close Firefox and start again. You should get a notification regarding Browsing Protection by F-Secure


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