F-Secure Internet Security running berserk?

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it seems to be, that F-Secure Internet Security is running berserk!

Every time when trying to log-in in banking sites (also on PayPal) it will not do so. It shows an error page and telling me, that banking protection is already running - I don't see anything so and there is not the well known banking-protection bar ontop of the screen. I have to switch off completely F-Secure Internet Security before going to any banking-protected site.

Some times after starting Windows 10 Pro (with latest updates), banking-security is already enabled, even when not connected to a banking-site before. F-Secure blocks also the software-start for my professional weather station (www.pc-wetterstation.de) - used since more than ten years with F-Secure running. It is ONLY this software who's blocked (all other software - more than 50 - is not blocked on start). All this happens since about two weeks.

Just to mention, I've already uninstalled F-Secure twice (after uninstalling also on using the special uninstall-tool downloaded from F-Secure) and re-installed F-Secure.

What about this ****?


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    Have to ask - do you have any other security software installed on the machine?

    I think this might be a case of getting Support involved. What I would suggest is that you run the diagnostic tool and then contact Support:

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    Thank you for answering!

    Yes, there must be another AV-software: The one who's coming with Windows. But I beleive that on installing F-Secure it will disable things not needed.

    Heck, it's true or am I dreaming? There is really existing a support from F-Secure? I searched first for that, but could not find it. Now I'm seeing on the given link, that there is really support, but on a link containing "business". Well, I'm not a business-person and so I did not searched over there. Just wondering, why F-Secure is not having any support or at least a mail-address for personal users. I'm using F-Secure since it exists and never had a question for support. Now I'm learning that F-Secure is not a big player, it's only a small garage for business users only.

    Anyway, some update in the last two weeks makes F-Secure going berserk with that shitting banking-protection. And I'm not willing to uninstall and re-install the software a zillion of times. It is even not possible to download the whole software once: You've to download first and install a downloader, start that downloader and then you've to wait an eternity until F-Secure is finally installed. Every time, when you try to re-install it. And this makes very unhappy, when you're living in a country with slow internet access (I'm just dreaming since years for the basic speed of 20 megs used in Europe). F-Secure should fix that bug and that's it. It is really not my fault, when banking-security runs berserk, does not shows the banking-security bar, does not switches off when leaving a banking-security site and starts randomly on starting Windows. Guess, we're having banking-security on F-Secure at least since 2 years now and there was nothing in the mean-time with it. And now it goes berserk from one day to the other.

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    Here's a better support link for your Internet Security product: https://www.f-secure.com/en/home/support


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