Google detects unusual traffic using freedom VPN


I been using freedom vpn since 8 days and after test the 5 days trial i purchased a key, yesterday when i was searching on google this warning appers 2 times:

Is this normal? Is for using the f-secure VPN? F-secure server gives the same IP adress to multiples users? Is this unsafe in any way? Can other users with same IP detect my traffic of some way?.



  • SethuSethu Posts: 585

    Hi @Juanito88

    Apologize for the delayed response, the issue is related to the network you’re connected to, not necessarily the single computer or phone you're using to search. Google is simply seeing a large volume of traffic coming from a single IP address. Either way if it has stopped then there is nothing to worry about. If it picks up again please try the following steps to check whether the issue is solved.

    1. Clear your cache and cookies
    2. Disable browser extensions one by one and see if this helps resolve the issue.
    3. Try resetting your ISP modem or router.
    4. You can also try uninstalling and re-installing the Freedome VPN.

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