How do I get my current subscription reinstated?

Yesterday, I received an email reminder from you which had a link to a message about renewing my Safe subscription which is due next month. When I followed the link in the email, it took me to a page which indicated a renewal price which seemed to be a lot higher (around £189) than I remembered from last year. However, the area of the web page which should have itemised what was included for the price was blank. So I clicked the only option, namely a button which said something like "Renew subscription", thinking it would take me to another page giving the missing details. Instead, it took me to one of your pages saying my subscription had been successfully renewed. I am very unhappy about this as I expect to be told what I am paying for before being charged and would like a refund.

I immediately emailed Cleverbridge, who handle your UK subscriptions, asking them to refund my payment, so that I could re-do it once I had managed to find out what the quoted price included. They provided the refund but not only cancelled my 2020-2021 subscription but my 2019-2020 one AS WELL. leaving me without AV protection on any of the 15 systems I have paid for. I would like my 2019-2020 subscription reinstated please.

2. I am also unhappy that your system (or Cleverbridges) seemed to have all the details it needed of one one my cards so that it could go ahead and charge my card without giving me any opportunity to review what the quoted price covers or conforming that I wished proceed with he transaction. Please could you REMOVE my card information you are holding, so that it needs to be provided each time I make a purchase through your system.

3.I tried to explain these points in a message through your live chat facility, but it waited until after I had typed in a quite long message before announcing that there are no live chat agents available and discarding my message without giving me the opportunity to save the message.

Thank you

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  • Martyn_Ayers
    Martyn_Ayers Posts: 2 New Member

    Thanks Jaims.

    In fact, your Nicholas was on to me first thing this morning and had already sorted the subscription glitch out. I'm sure you're right about the previous renewal prices. Fwiw, I've subsequently renewed my subscription.

    Thanks again, Martyn

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