FS Protection Big Sur Support

Is there a roadmap/plan for Big Sur support in FS Protection? I realize it's beta, as is Protection. Just curious if there's a plan to add support to the beta before Big Sur is released so those of us who enjoy beta testing can continue to do so.



  • CaleCale Posts: 114 F-Secure Product Manager

    Working hard. Coming soon!


  • pajppajp Posts: 81 F-Secure Employee

    Big Sur support is now out! See https://community.f-secure.com/en/discussion/comment/123807/#Comment_123807 for more information.

  • XenoPhageXenoPhage Posts: 27 Explorer

    Yay! Though I will note, my Catalina system just updated to 17.9. I told it to check for updates and it reported there were none.. Then, a few minutes later, the icon disappeared for a bit (presumably to install) and then reappeared. At that point, the entire machine froze until the watchdog kicked in and booted me back to a login screen. Not a fun upgrade.

  • ArthurValArthurVal Posts: 98 F-Secure Employee

    Hey, @XenoPhage

    Sorry about that. Yes, this should not happen. Is the system behaving normally after that incident? No more freezes?

    We have an ongoing task on optimizing performance. This might be a use-case that is not covered properly in the current implementation of real-time protection.

    Could you also please run Support Tool and attach the resulted fsdiag file to a feedback on beta.f-secure.com?

    It would be useful for us to investigate it more closely. Thanks for the report!

  • XenoPhageXenoPhage Posts: 27 Explorer

    Seems to be working fine ever since. I'm still waiting for a couple other tools to update with Big Sur support before I take the leap. I do have a secondary system that I put Big Sur on and fs protection upgraded without issue there.

    Will pull the diag and post it.

  • ArthurValArthurVal Posts: 98 F-Secure Employee

    Alright. Yes, I can see the uploaded diagnostics. Thanks a lot!

    We will take a look and provide an update if additional info is required to further investigate it.

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