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  • mvzereks
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    How to unlock ID Protection with biometrics?

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hello @mvzereks

    If you are a new to IDP and have already registered and installed the ID protection through, for the first time as a new user you need to log in using the credentials created in the registration and create master password before you can take the product into use.

    After the initial set up, every time when they open ID PROTECTION, they need to log in using either master password or fingerprint.

  • mvzereks
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    The question is, how do I configure ID Protection to accept biometric unlocking?

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi @mvzereks

    May I know what type of biometrics feature are you using on your device?

    At present, we support faceID and fingerprint for iOS and fingerprint for android. Let's say if you are using android device, please ensure that you have already enabled the fingerprint lock feature, so you can have the option "Use fingerprint to login" on ID protection login page.

  • mvzereks
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    In this case, I'm using a Dell notebook with a biometric device.

  • CJ_H
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    I keep getting the following message upon trying to enable fingerprint login:

    "Fingerprint authentication on ID PROTECTION is not available because changes have been made to the fingerprints stored on this device. Log in to ID PROTECTION using your Master Password to enable fingerprint authentication again."

    Logging in does nothing, and there is no option within the app to enable this either.

    I am using a OnePlus 7 Pro, running on Oxygen OS 10.0.7.

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