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Sooo. It is not a question but a status for all I had noticed for now :

I live in France, use F-Secure for my personal security, and as a part of SAFE, use Freedome.

Here are the programs I am not allowed to use from my PC/smartphone/tablet because of this VPN :

  • Amazon : videos at least, never tested the rest of prime... It tooked me a lot of conversation with them to discover this
  • Netflix, but it was a quicker discover ...
  • Origin games, from Electronic Arts. Unbeleavable ! 2 days of search before reaching this ! And numerous calls to their hotline :-(

I am beginning to be very upset by the product !

So a question : do you plan to make a VPN we could use for our security one day ... designed for home users ?

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  • JaimsJaims Posts: 353
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    Hi @eThor243

    At times, it depends on the policy of service you are trying to access using the VPN.

    Netflix, for example, have blocked the use of VPN on their streaming services, at least maybe not all the VPN services.

    For the gaming, try to disable and enable the Browsing and Tracking Protection first and if that does not help you may reinstall Freedome VPN and test again.

    Kindly try to flush DNS, clear cache, open Freedome and check for DNS leak You may want to try these first before the earlier suggestions and hope this helps.

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