Multiple copies run on startup


I'm using ID Protection on a Windows 10 desktop, and an startup the program starts many copies. Of course I can exit all except one, but why does this occur and what can I do about it?

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  • MT38MT38 Posts: 3
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    Thank you Sethu, re-loading seems to have solved the problem. In 8 cold starts and one restart after a Windows update ID Protection has loaded normally, only one copy.



  • SethuSethu Posts: 642 Moderator

    Hi @MT38

    Did you try re-install the ID protection and check again? If yes, but the issue still reproduce, may I ask you to provide us the screen shot of ID Protection( during start up)?

  • MT38MT38 Posts: 3

    Thank you. I haven't done that, but will do if the problem turns up again. This morning it did not occur, so I'll wait and see.

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