ID Protection / F-Secure key usability improvements

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I have tried ID Protection / F-secure key, and altough I would like to use to product, is has shortcomings that make it undesirable compared to competition. It has to be noted, that I store around 200 unique passwords in the manager. So, I wish that the following features will be added to the product in near future:

  • When using auto-fill (system), enable search option in the pop-up (Like 1Password does). Jumping to first letter of account by pressing desired letter (and evet that does not work in Mac running Catalina), is not sufficient.
  • Add some kind of hierarchy for managing passwords, either by Keepass style folders, or labels like 1Password used. Without hierarchy, it's very hard to manage larger number of passwords.

With the above mentioned enhancements your product would have much better usability, and it could match the competition. The features like leak watch etc. are not sufficient if the basic usability falls behind competition.

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