Just uninstalled F-Secure Safe--here's why

  1. When it did its initial virus scan it scanned everything on and attached to my computer..i.e. several external hard drives..took hours and then I stopped it and found the exclusion property. Why didn't it ask me first what I wanted scanned?
  2. It took over the firewall of from windows defender. Again I don't want this but it never asked.
  3. Most importantly after 1 day of use it crashed my internet but allowed email? Its uninstall crashed. That was the last straw.
  4. Didn't see a way to disable F-Secure totally or close it when operating. So had to uninstall.
  5. When operating it seems to install several services...why?

So for the above reasons of not controlling totally F-Secure Safe, I am removing it until such time as I have total control of how it operates and to have the ability of totally disabling it.


  • Jaims
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    Hi @garryf

    Below are the responses to your concerns;

    1. F-Secure SAFE, Full Computer Scan, would perform a full scan unless you instruct otherwise and you can choose these options on Virus Scan Options from the Tools. Once the scan is completed F-Secure will not delete but will allow you to make the decision if:
      • The file is located inside an archive (for example a ZIP,RAR,7z etc.)
      • The file is read-only media file (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM etc.)
      • The file is encoded within an email message
      • The system does not have a permission to delete the file.
    2. The product is designed to work with Windows Firewall. Other personal firewalls require additional setup to work with the product. The product uses Windows Firewall for basic firewall functions, such as controlling incoming network traffic and keeping your internal network separate from the public Internet. In addition, DeepGuard monitors installed applications and prevents suspicious applications from accessing the Internet without your permission. If you replace Windows Firewall with a personal firewall, make sure that it allows incoming and outgoing network traffic for all F-Secure processes and that you allow all F-Secure processes when the personal firewall prompts you to do so.
    3. It is quite strange for F-Secure SAFE to disrupt your internet connection. This is possible if you have a VPN running but almost impossible for our antivirus to do so. You may want to provide a log to prove this so we could investigate but we will recommend you double check this.
    4. You can disable the F-Secure SAFE by clicking on Tools from the interface then Turn Off all Security Features.
    5. You may be referring to Real-time scanning and this is because when your computer tries to access a file for example, Real-time Scanning scans the file for malware before it allows your computer to access the file. Normally, you do not notice the scanning process because it takes a small amount of time and system resources.

    We will suggest you have another look on your device that there's no conflicting software running, check that you have the Windows Update up-to-date then reinstall the F-Secure program.

    We will be glad to listen and assist you further.

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