Browser Protection add-on for FireFox is not working after Update to 17.8



so F-Secure Safe was updated to 17.8. Since then i no longer have the Browser Protection AddOn for Firefox.

If i go to the F-Secure menu where there is the button to install the add-on it brings up an error message saying that it could not be found.

It still works on chrome but i need it to work on firefox.

Any tips or solutions will be appreciated.


  • Uesomat
    Uesomat Posts: 3 New Member

    Problem solved!

    I updated f secure safe on my gf's laptop and had to install the browsing protection addon on there again.

    I copied the download link to my pc and voila, addon is installed.

    Still unsolved is the mystery why the f secure settings on my pc do not redirect me to the correct download page when i click on the *install browser extension" button

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