Need to (re-)enable Exception list for a customer

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Today we had a problem, a customer could not access a page "".

Digging a bit deeper we fould the message, the site was blocked due to "youth protection" (Wrongly classified, as it is a seller of cleaning products)

Digging a bit deeper, we fould the site was allready on the exception list for this customer...

Digging deeper we found,the exception list was disabled for the customer.

Ho comes, the exception list became disabled, as the customer needs this page time by time (rarely) to order some cleaning stuff. So today the he was complaning not to access anymore. we do not know when this happened, as the page is rarely used.

But for us it was a realy bad point in the eyes of our customer, as initially we misinterpreted the message, the customer sent us...

Kind regards

Ralph Ehrismann


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