Accept Licence Terms over and over again?

I am usingg F-Secure Antivirus with a 2 year licence. Whenever i start my two computers or they go into suspend mode i always have to accept the licence terms of F-Secure. It always pop ups after startup or when i reactivate my computer. Why does it always ask for permission? I also clicked the links to the descriptions but still i get the message to accept the terms after every restart.

Thanks for your help!


  • Thomas163Thomas163 Posts: 2

    So no one has a clue or a solution? How can i contact the support via Mail? I cant find any mail on the website.

  • JOnesJOnes Posts: 261 Active Engager

    I'm afraid mail support is not available,you should try other methods(phone,chat) during service hours

    Remove/reinstall the the product may also help(support tools: uninstallation tools)

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