Banking protection for insurance companies' site


fs protection 17.8 beta 17 (4.30.8073.0/SAFE) switches on banking protection when visiting site. LähiTapiola is both an insurance and finance company (not an ordinary bank though) and it is quite irritating to click Stop-button many times when dealing with insurances.

Please let me specify sites I don't need protected with banking protection and vice versa.


  • szczlu
    szczlu Posts: 2 New Member

    Hi @Mikael68 is a banking site, and when the banking protection is turned on, it will automatically detect when you access an online banking web site and the Banking protection notification will appear at the top of your screen.

    If you do not want to interrupt your other active connections or do not want to click on "End" button all the time when the banking protection activates, click Change settings on the notification to change the product settings for your user account. Select Do not interrupt my current Internet connections if you do not want the banking protection to close your already open connections, otherwise the banking protection will close all your current Internet connections as well when it activates.