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I have installed 5 ID protection. First on my laptop, iPad & phone. Then I installed to my two desktop PCs. But on my F-Secure page it shows only 3 used and named licences, my laptop, iPad and phone. It still shows 2/5 licenses left, so desktop installation didn't register. I think this could be a problem in the future, even if everything works alright.


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    Got to be honest, I'm not exactly sure how it works, not having tried it. It seems that it monitors up to 5 email addresses for data breaches, and you can sync and access your data on up to 5 devices. So does the license work per device or per email address?

    If you think something isn't right, then it might be best to contact Support, as we can't deal with licensing issues on the forum.

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    Based on this description and information:

    ID Protection (as such: Identity monitoring and password manager) is only for mobile platforms - Android and iOS.

    While for desktops (Windows, Mac) - it is Password manager. With my experience: "F-Secure ID Protection" installation will replace "F-Secure KEY" installation. Perhaps, with any case (F-Secure KEY was not in use) - you have to login into your account under application.

    At least, you could check with two desktops: open ID Protection - open menu (left-side panel) - check "Subscription" item - there should be either 'Activated' or not' with an ability to activate it by logging into your ID Protection account. Perhaps, these two installation were somewhat unpinned to your account and as a result - not listed under portal. Maybe, still working as 'trial' or free password manager.


  • MikSu2
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    I contacted via chat and problem was that desktop version of ID protection doesn't yet monitor email addresses, so ID protection licenses are not used.

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