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I was wondering does the ID protection replace the KEY completely? I have used the KEY at least in 5 devices. Can I have the ID protection in one device and continue using KEY in those other devices in the future also?

I have TOTAL for 3 devices, shared with the family and we used the KEY in at least in 8 devices (two users) and used the SAFE in 3 computers. My main worry is that if the KEY will be terminated, how can we share the passwords with the 5 other devices we use (without bying more licences)?


  • Tahmis
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    I'm worried about the same thing. I'm using Key on about 10 different devices by myself and a second person in my family has it on about 5 different devices (most of the devices same computers but different user accounts). So the ID licensing model sounds like it is completely unusable for us. So please don't terminate Key!

    Isn't password managers idea that you can easily use it on as many devices as you might need your passwords at so that you wouldn't need to remember them?

    So it really should be possible to install it on more devices than you have licenses for total! Or at least have a cheaper option to have more licenses for ID....

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