Interested in ID Protection, but can't get past subscription renewal

(I tried searching the forums and contacting the support via chat, both in english and swedish. The chat looks available and after "Please wait while we connect you to an agent" I get "Your chat request has been declined because there are no available agents".)

I've used F-secure products for many years and now I'm interested in trying/buying ID PROTECTION. When clicking 'Try now' on the product information site I am asked to log in if I already have an account and do so. I am greeted with a pop up box that tells me that I need to renew my subscription and that my devices are unprotected. I already have subscriptions via Google Play. I try closing it and clicking the 'Try now' again while already being logged in. Same information about having to renew comes up.

I also tried to install the app for ID Protection to see if it would work that way. I get 'You need to renew your subscription to finish the installation'. I don't want to, since I already have active subscriptions.

I've had issues with this before when switching to a new phone and trying to install F-secure SAFE. I had an ongoing subcscription through Google Play, but it kept telling me to renew when I logged in. As a workaround I created a new My F-secure-account. Same problem again when I bought a subcsctiption from my mobile network operator.

How do I get out of this carousel? I don't want to have to create a third or fourth My F-secure-account.


  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,653 Superuser

    What is the status of your subscriptions in your My F-Secure portal?

    You may well have downloaded the apps via Google Play, but the subscriptions are managed through the portal.

  • katnixkatnix Posts: 4

    @Simon It's expired in the portal now, since I have bought separate subscriptions through Google Play for the different products instead of renewing through the site.

  • katnixkatnix Posts: 4

    To clarify: Since there's an option to pay monthly for F-secure product subscriptions through Google Play and I'm a paying customer, (just that I switched payment methods), shouldn't it be possible to use My F-Secure anyway to try/buy ID Protection?

  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,653 Superuser

    Got to be honest, I don't know as I've only ever used the portal.

    If you don't get any further responses here (sometimes the F-Secure staff check in), then I suggest that you contact them by phone or chat and they will clarify for you:

  • katnixkatnix Posts: 4

    @Simon I'll try there again. Thanks for replying, I appreciate it.

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