What are the reasons for changing IP address?

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For what reason internet provider changes your IP address?

Why would someone want to change his IP address, expect that he just wants remove IP ban?

What are the specific cases or under what circumstances provider changes your IP address?

I would like to know what would it solve.


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    Dear @Frankie2223

    You might want to read information posted on this website :



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    Some websites had blocked some countries to visit their page/post. So for accessing it you have to change your IP which is possible through VPN or VPS. VPN can change your ip location by single click.

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    Dial-up modem users

    If you're connecting to the web employing a modem, whenever you hook up with the web , you will be assigned an IP address that's available. Although you'll get an equivalent IP address as a previous connection, often you will be assigned a special IP address whenever you connect. If you would like a static (address that does not change) IP address, you will need to attach to the web employing a broadband connection.

    Broadband users

    Unlike a dial-up modem, when connecting to the web with broadband, you're given a static IP address which will be an equivalent whenever . However, this address can still change, below are a couple of of the explanations why this might change.

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