Scam messages on Telia's website

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Why doesn't F-Secure SAFE stop scam messages coming to Telia's website? The messages seem less misleading to mislead a lot of Telia's pages. Of course, when you are more specific, you will see that the message does not come from Telia and it will often offer you your own IP address as a completely different one. I'm not blaming F-Secure here, but I'm asking when I have come so often lately, what more wonderful offers? It feels like every provider needs to download from their own website what the most amazing security systems and yet for a fee? It makes you wonder how many protections there need to be to keep all the "orcs" at bay.


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    Dear @Moriz475

    Spam messages / ad messages aren't really consider "malware", although they are annoying they are often generated by google ads.

    What I can suggest is using adblocker which might eliminate some of them.



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