Freedome throttles when using torrents

Every time I use a program that uses bittorrent protocol my connection is throttled to a crawl after a minute. This happens regardless of which exit location I select. When I turn off the VPN full connection speed is immediately restored. What gives?


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    Hi @Disgruntled

    This is known issue, as we have posted this KB article in where you can find more information about why Freedome doesn't allow BitTorrents.

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    Hi There,

    I have been a Freedome (home) user for many years. I have always encountered speed throttling when it is turned on. It has been a bit of an inconvenience. However recently with COVID19 and working from home this has become an issue. To the point that despite the fact that I had to increase my ISP service to a higher speed (500Mbps) - with freedome the speed is a huge drop:(

    My desktop is a direct connection to the my ISP modem via ethernet Cat7 cable.

    Without Freedome Ookla speedtest results are : Download- 744.8Mbps and upload-21.66Mbps

    with freedome turned on and connected to my local city - download-158.2Mbps and upload 19.63Mbps :( that is a 79% drop.

    IS there a recommended remediation for this?

    Appreciate your help.

    Moon Milne

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