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Using a VPN on Android, and probably on all other OS:es, is a one-VPN-only world.

Freedome is, as I understand it, using OpenVPN as the backbone. Sometimes one might need to connect to the corporate network using VPN and that means disconnecting Freedome and configure/connect another VPN product, making the process slightly cumbersome.

So: assuming that the corporate network also uses OpenVPN as VPN-solution, is there a way to add a custom OpenVPN profile to Freedome and make it possible to switch between the Freedome VPN servers and a corporate VPN server when needed?


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    Hi @AceMoneus

    At present, the customer OpenVPN for Freedome is not possible. For Freedome running on android, you can find the options " Apps bypassing VPN" under Settings where you can exclude the apps that allow selected apps to connect to internet directly.

    However, If you are looking for using multiple VPN products at the same time, this article might provide more details for you.



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