FSCSAFEADMIND: Cannot connect to kext with name: FSCNKE, retrying in 1 second(s)

JACOJO Posts: 5 New Member

Latest Mac OS Catalina release (10.15.5) shows in Console the following error (every second):

Cannot connect to kext with name: FSCNKE, retrying in 1 second(s)

Any idea how to get rid of these messages?

Thx in advance!




  • Jamesch
    Jamesch Posts: 9 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi John

    Can you please advise which product is this related to ?

    SAFE does not have fsnke as it is current used for firewall in corporate products (this is what user is experiencing). We can probably remove this message. Please create a support ticket and we will fix it in the next release.

    JACOJO Posts: 5 New Member
    edited May 2020

    I'm using FSecure Safe by XS4all (This Dutch ISP provides F Secure Safe to its customers) on a MacBook Pro 16 inch, OS Catalina 10.15.5.

    Searching your website I cannot find a way to submit a support ticket ;-)

  • Jaims
    Jaims Posts: 846 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi @JACOJO

    F-Secure SAFE by XS4all is a modified version of our product and XS4all are in better position to assist with the first level troubleshooting.

    Kindly contact them and they will do the needful.

    Thank you.

    JACOJO Posts: 5 New Member
    edited June 2020

    They (XS4all) advised to uninstall and reinstall using their F-Secure software, but the problem persists :-(

    See screenshot below: kext file is missing... this is definitely a missing file during installation

    JACOJO Posts: 5 New Member
  • Jaims
    Jaims Posts: 846 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi @JACOJO

    Looks like something to do with the kernel driver and might need to get through Recovery Mode and run some commands but there would be a need to send your ISP (XS4all) the fisdiag log so we can ascertain the exact root cause. So, I still recommend you contact them highlighting that reinstallation has not solved the problem.

    You need to provide them with the log file and the interface screenshot of the your F-Secure Safe by XS4all, they know exactly what to do afterwards.

  • Will_
    Will_ Posts: 5 New Member

    Having the same issue here, also with the XS4ALL version (latest version, on latest production MacOS). Quite annoying how it spams the console.

  • ArthurVal
    ArthurVal Posts: 231 F-Secure Employee

    Hello, @Will_!

    This issue with printing our this error message has been solved in SAFE for Mac 17.8. It does not indicate any issue with SAFE functionality. This message just informs that SAFE cannot connect to a service that is not in use. It is primarily used in corporate products provided by F-Secure. You can contact XS4ALL to request the status of the update to the latest version of SAFE available to F-Secure partners.

    Best regards, Arthur

    SAFE Mac R&D Team

    Best regards, Arthur

    Mac R&D Team

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