Seriously Need Help: Which App To Buy To Backup internal HDD?


Sorry to be creating a thread about this, but this is a really serious problem I need help with.

I want to backup my Windows 10 Pro PC's internal HDD and I need a 3rd party App to do this. However, I don't know which company I should be trusting considering the company will have access to all of the files on my HDD...😪😪😪

I trust F-Secure so I'd love to buy something from F-Secure to backup my data.

Thank you for any advice!


  • UkkoUkko Posts: 2,936


    I am only an F-Secure user (their home solution).

    So, maybe good to know about one point: is it one time task? Or you would like to make smooth backup daily/weekly/monthly and so? With meanings that there is constant backup (or so) software with active state? And whether it should be free or paid is suitable too?

    And what kind of backup? Offline and stored locally; Or something with cloud space on their (software) servers?

    I think that there some well-known companies with backup solutions profile. However, I am not sure that I could recommend them as 100% surely (since I did not use them with recent days).

    In addition, there is no something from F-Secure about home solution with backup functionality for data. On current day. Perhaps, it is tricky to create good backup-oriented software when this is not the main profile of company.


  • Hi Ukko,

    I really appreciate your informative reply!

    I want to be able to backup daily.

    It's enough for me to have my data backed up locally so there's no need for a cloud solution.

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