Is F-Secure a good antivirus? And how does it compare to Windows Defender?

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So apparantly I got F-Secure antivirus for free from my ISP. But I havent really heard much about F-Secure, and dont know if its any good.

Right now I run Windows Defender with Malwarebyts Free, but would F-Secure be better to run?


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    I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions). Just my own unofficial feelings and opinion.

    But I havent really heard much about F-Secure, and dont know if its any good.

    It is fine company and security solution. But good if you could to specify your own requirements for this kind of software. Because F-Secure has some real benefits and advantages over any other companies, some things may be as with any of good companies or software, and some things can be not so lovely.

    In general, F-Secure (Data Fellows) founded in 1988 and their history with some waves and ages. Where F-Secure was pretty active on one field or another. Famous by certain tools or activities or by another. Some companies with much higher number of employees and 'money' - but still with not so good engineers, people around and quality, attention to 'simple' things (like privacy terms and so on). Actually, I can to think about only two (or three) companies who really can be better or with one level with F-Secure. But such a discussion can be only with 'clear' requirements and points how to mark company 'any good or not'.

    The traditional signature-based (or slightly improved) engines used by them in recent years are always one of the best (or 'the best'). Current engine is also quite good and show 'best' results with different tests and awarded by some organizations. However, not so often as previous one and there (based on some feedbacks/opinions) a bit reduced speed of reaction against some sorts of threats. But for real users, such a delay(?) is not too critical or is not exist at all. And their current engine with huge benefit of reduced number of false positives (that was a real trouble with previous engine).

    In addition, traditional signature-based engine is not main point of their multi layered security design. They own technologies and engines are one of the best on market. And really powerful ones.

    For example, their F-Secure DeepGuard is highly useful module. You could read a whitepaper about DeepGuard or some other things (including, their "Ultralight" design) there:

    Right now I run Windows Defender with Malwarebyts Free, but would F-Secure be better to run?

    If your experience is about F-Secure SAFE or F-Secure Internet Security - then solution with Browsing Protection module. So, it is definitely better than only Windows Defender with Malwarebytes Free (as on-demand scanner?!).

    I think that Windows Defender on Windows 10 (with its other security tweaks and features, that were available with EMET) are pretty good. But F-Secure also with good detection against known and unknown malware.

    Their (F-Secure solution) engines are powerful too; and their knowledge are enough good too. But F-Secure also with advanced one, like F-Secure DeepGuard and some other things around like Banking Protection. So, it is a bit better to run, since it is more secure in principal.

    However, there can be some changes with performance and things around it. Usually, it is not a critical or can be fixed.


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    That's a great full answer upper. Just wanted to add my personal opinion. I like using F-Secure. It has a nice interface which is pretty understandable and easy to use. Also at all it works good, I have no complains, in comparison with software, I used before (I even don't want to mention its' name)

    But I havent really heard much about F-Secure

    That's not a problem because usually you hear a lot more about problems with disadvantages than good and high quality programs.  

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    I agree with Ukko. That's a very comprehensive comment.

    Personally, I just add, that I've used several anti-virus programs, and F-Secure is the only which doesn't slow down my PC (that much so I can notice).

    I have to do a lot of work in Chrome (cause I'm working with my website), and you probably know how much CPU Chrome obtains. But I need to be sure I'm safe, cause daily I have to download/view tons of stuff.

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    Anyway, are you happy with your F-secure soft?

    cause it's what really matters :)

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