my network is compromised


what does this mean? saw this message several times yesterday

everything is fine today

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    It could have been that you computer might be hacked by someone. Or your security settings on your computer is not optimum.

    Be sure that your wifi router firmware is up to date. By going to your router settings and update the latest firmware. And turn on the firewall in your router. Or that there is a possibility that your wifi router have been hacked.

    Go to this link to check:-

    And use your android phone or tablet and install the Router Check program to test your Wifi.

    Or your use Avast Wifi Security to check on your android handphone or tablet.

    Secondly make sure your firewall settings in your windows operating system is turned on. And check for any abnormal activities in your computer. Be sure to turn off remote assistant and remote desktop to your computer. Do a full scan on your computer with your current antivirus software. (Use Hitman Pro,Malwarebytes and F-Secure,Bitdefender antivirus as a second opinon scan to check to double confirmed whether your computer is compromise)

    Look for any extension being install on your web browser. And do check the task manager or process manager for any hidden program that are still running on your computer.

    Do a Windows Updates at all times on your computer.

    Or your network in your ISP is having problems. Check with your ISP for any problems at their end.

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