Sup, i downloaded f-secure safe. I scanned the laptop and there was 10 viruses. When i press the button treat all viruses, The laptop crashes. Anybody know any solutions how can i remove all the viruses?

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    I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).

    Maybe for such a technical trouble - can be useful to contact their direct Support channel (for example, web chat). Since Support Agents with an ability to provide remote help, diagnostics and safely propose a solution.

    But just as own tries to find a workaround: did you mean that it was one time crash? Or each time - crashes?

    If each time after a (full?) scan and try to "handle threats" there are crashes - then could you manually observe what is findings? I mean listed items. Can you check what is it, where and maybe then to think whether is it real malicious items and whether it is possible to remove them manually from system.

    Since such information can be with critical data - maybe you can to provide detection names and redacted filepath / file name of detected items? It can be helpful - if you are not sure about further steps. This way - someone can suggest something about.


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