Bugreport after switching ISPs that both provided SAFE, while FREEDOME installed

Barene Posts: 1 New Member

Our former ISP provided SAFE. We changed internet provider, and I had reconfigured all computers but one laptop to run SAFE from the new ISP. Then I got a notification the former SAFE subscription ended.

That laptop runs Win10 update 1909, and has FREEDOME installed as well.

Accepted that the install file uninstalled SAFE from the former ISP, then restarted. On restart, internet didn't work any longer. Couldn't connect to any website over wifi or something.

Discovered that:

a) FREEDOME was completely deleted from my system, though the shortcuts still existed.

b) DHCP settings had changed from automatic to manual.

c) Tried a wired connection, arrived at the download page for FREEDOME (https://f-secure.com/en/home/products/freedome#download) but on requesting the right file, the page could not connect. As if only certain internet traffic was allowed / some ports were blocked.

I ended up downloading the FREEDOME installer from another computer and transferred it via USB. After the install (in fact: re-install, FREEDOME so insisted) everything worked spotless again.


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