So many customers having issues with Outlook mail not working

I am running latest Microsoft 360 and whenever my F Secure (Home) is running it blocks my emails, my sent emails get held in outbox. So many people have this issue but F Secure are not updating to resolve the problem. Why? I used Nord VPN before F Secure and I had no problems with that at all, so why are we having so many problems with F Secure?

I read that F Secure say we have to try port 25 or 465 instead of 587 but none work with F Secure, should it not be that F Secure should simply make and SELL a product that works with the most commonly used email client?

No at all happy with F Secure or their lack of customer response on this subject, it is clear that they are out of their dpth and its time we took to Twitter in force to let everyone know the pitfalls before they also waste their money on this software.

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    Hi @Cordixa

    F-Secure Freedome VPN should work with your email client by default and most of the ISPs allow email from the Internet when you use the encrypted version of the SMTP protocol; for example, SMTPS. With SMTPS, you are able to authenticate to the ISP's mail server.

    May I recommend that you first reinstall Freedome VPN using the below removal tool;

    1. Uninstall using this uninstallation tools. Below is the link that you can use to download the installation tools;
    2. Reinstall Freedome. Here are the steps

    Kindly test if your email clients works afterwards but if issue persists, please double check the configuration. The normal SMTP protocol port is 25, while SMTPS port is by default 465 as you mentioned. You may simply try only changing the SMTP port number in your email configuration and see if that helps.

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