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Hi. I am using F-Secure Security Suite through Charter Spectrum. It keeps flagging a file named ThetaVestaJEA.exe as shown in the screenshot below. I'm not finding anything on Google about this. Any ideas?

Thank you.


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    I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).

    Actually, you could try to contact their direct official Support (if Chapter Spectrum with such an option; if not - you can try F-Secure Official Support channel. For example, web-chat: ). Support Agents, usually, with an ability to provide remote investigation and troubleshooting.

    But just as a general discussion between users:

    • did you try to run Full Scan by F-Secure solution? Steps are: to open main user interface (double click on desktop F-Secure logo OR one click for tray F-Secure logo picture; then to switch / open tab with name like "Tools" and then to find "Scan options" logo. There should be available "Full Scan" instead of only brief Virus scan).
    • Sounds that current detection is from real-time scanning. But since detection keeps flagging - maybe some more threats there. Detection name is about "HEUR" generic detection. Suspicious look or activity and as part of something else. Since such a name as " ThetaVestaJEA"(or  ThetaVesta) is not available from Google - it is indeed something tricky.

    I could to suggest as an addition to Full scan (just for sure):

    • to check list of installed applications. What if something with related name there. OR anything suspicious listed. Then to try uninstall it via normal common design.
    • to check browser extensions and addons.
    • actually, doublecheck whether file is really 'removed' when Prompt/Pop-up is appeared. Based on your screenshot - restart is requested. Perhaps, system restarted then(?).  If so - could you locate this folder and check its content. And, for example, if 'trouble' item is also there - to collect it and upload to F-Secure SAS ( or to Virustotal ( as doublecheck what is file actually for.

    Sorry for my long reply. And sorry for my English.

    Good if someone else will suggest something.  And good if you will back with feedback.


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