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i just opened my F-Secure settings then went to the Secure Browsing settings and at the end of the window there is a blue text "Open Chrome Web Store" i've clicked on it and Browser opened up, the URL was blocked by F-Secure browsing protection, so its most probably FP since the URL is "https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/browsing-protection-by-f/jmjjnhpacphpjmnnlnccpfmhkcloaade" which IF you allow it, its the right page for the extension

my default browser is Microsoft Edge chromium btw.

what do u think? i have already reported it to the Labs.

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    Based on my experience - page is not blocked with my default browser. However, my F-Secure installation is beta build and my own system with troubles around Google services / pages (and some other ones).

    In general, I think that it is surely false positive. But if you still can to repeat it - maybe could you try to troubleshoot around (when URL is not under allowed websites list):

    • what will be if your directly try to access this URL via Microsoft Edge and another browser (if installed)? Not from F-Secure settings.
    • there was blockpage with wording about "harmful" state? Or blocked as something else like restricted content?


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    the url still is blocked when i tried it directly by other browsers as well

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    not sure whats the problem i think i have to contact to Technical Support 🤔

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    i've reached to the Technical Support and they've told me that the URL is actually blocked by F-Secure

    so clearing the situation

    so the problem is that the URL is inside the F-Secure SAFE ( at least in my case ) software, as i mentioned on first post, when you go to the settings and click on the "open chrome webstore" this link will open up, which Technical Support just confirmed that the link is actually blocked by F-Secure, so there is 2 problem here

    1- F-Secure is suggesting users to install the extensions from an blocked-by-itself URL

    2- there is another link that support provided to me which seems that it's the real browsing protection extension but there is no way for users to know it, the link that support provided is "https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/browsing-protection-by-f/idpkgibhbjmogkfbkmjnnkhpgdagoeme" which got +100k users installed it and not blocked by F-Secure. BUT people don't reach to the support usually to install the extensions, this needs to be change by F-Secure dev team ASAP IMO cause ordinary users like me just install the SAFE and either SAFE install the extensions itself for them on the browser ( in this case also it will install the extension in the blocked page ), or they will isntall it manually from the link which SAFE settings suggested which still is the link that is blocked, and the interesting part is that the link which is outdated and SAFE install it for the users got +3.000.000 users( last update 2019 ) but the link which support provided to me and there is no way for users to install THAT up-to-date extension got +100k users using. so there is for sure a problem here.

    🤔and i hope we will get an answer or explaination from Dev team or another staffs here

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    it seems the problem is solved now and the URL is not blocked by browser protection anymore, but yet we don't know which one is the one users suppose to have cause the one is suggesting by SAFE software last updated 2019

    and the other one last updated 2020. 🤔

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    Hey Ukko.

    yes i've installed the URL provided by support but when i've installed i had not ratings on google search and SAFE was showing the alert that extension is not installed, so i've removed it and installed the previous extension that linked in SAFE settings itself, and it is not blocked anymore i assume the Supporte i've talked to forward the issue to the right department and they've solved it

    Ukko you've mentioned that you are a Beta tester as well i think? can you check if you turn off DeepGuard the SAFE still is green on interface and telling you that your computer is protected? which is not

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    So, perhaps it is expected result. Browsing Protection for Mac platform should not work on Windows. I also a bit edited my previous reply with some thoughts about potential reasons of already dropped harmful rating for URL (BP extension for Windows).

    can you check if you turn off DeepGuard the SAFE still is green on interface and telling you that your computer is protected? which is not

    With F-Secure beta installation (FS Protection) - yes, main user interface with "good" logo even with disabled DeepGuard.

    Only if "Real-time scanning" is disabled - then Critical warning. And if "Browsing Protection" is disabled - then Warning. I did not check with Firewall on current minute.

    Based on this description:

    maybe it should warn about disabled DeepGuard.

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    i will make a Feature request later today on it

    and the situation here it seems to be fixed now

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