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Just joined Virgin Media, have downloaded the F Secure from the email i received but it is telling me that my free subscription is only for 30 days. This was a free 12 month offer. What do i do?

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    I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions)

    In general, I think that Virgin Media offer is only for fresh accounts. So, perhaps expected flow is next:

    -> Need to make registration from the page with Promo description about Virgin Media offer.

    For example, you could try to find such a page under their (Virgin Media) website OR maybe it was under received email.

    So, this is most important maybe. Need to visit and to register account directly from promo offer landing page. Or under specific registration page under F-Secure website. With enabled cookies, disabled any potential AdBlocker or something else that could prevent proper handling special offer 'background'.

    -> So, did you login before downloading F-Secure from the email? If not - what is your F-Secure solution?

    Sounds that your subscription with trial time currently. As it should be during common design with trial registration before any payment or special offer.

    All in all, potential workarounds are:

    I think letter (email) should be with clear instructions about. Maybe good to read it one more time and check whether all was as described there.



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