Zoom Video conferencing risks?

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Our chorus is using Zoom during the corona virus emergency. A Guardian article says there are serious faults. I want to know if these faults afect our usage.


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    In Finland, and i guess also in other countries, lots of free time services are closed due to COVID19-restrictions. Instead, for example in sports and training, services are based on on-line sessions. There are sports like balett, pilates, yoga and several dance techniques. Many of these service providers also have lots of classes for kids of different ages, and part of their students also make preliminary studies for their future profession (dance teacher and so forth). Now on-line teaching is organized via Zoom-meetings. Teachers also ask students to show, how they do this and that position or dance move. That is to say, teachers also ask students to be in video contact during zoom-classes, although in many sports, trainers are not fully dressed.

    My question: What kind on guidelines you give for students, parents, and teachers for this kind of on-line training via Zoom?

    My wish: Could Mikko (Hyppönen) give some public advice for sports students, teachers and parents for Zoom use in training sessions?

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    Sorry for late answer, as this question is not really F-secure product related. I might only suggest to read recent articles, like this one :

    https://www.forbes.com/sites/kateoflahertyuk/2020/04/15/zoom-during-covid-19-heres-when-you-should-use-it-and-when-to-avoid-it/#42cf700e376eAlso there is zoom support page, so you can just contact their support and get much more information linked to the security.


    Please let me know if this was helpful,



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