My F-secure and upgrading to Total from Safe


Despite all efforts there is no option to upgrade from Safe into Total from My F-secure pages. Despite what ever has been written in these support pages it just does not work.

I have still wanted to buy the Total and did it from you webstore but I still cannot upgrade as there is account existing with my email address...and now the token which I just got is somehow not for me...its for the NEW me.

Same happened to my dad last year and still you have the same poor My-Fsecure site up-and-running. Please fix it asap or the next time its not F-secure product that I will buy.

Have you ever tried to do as you have instructed people to do?

and the bigger question is... where can I download the TOTAL using the token I received when purchasing the TOTAL. and please dont say "go to my F-secure" as it just does not work. If you say that, I will want my money back instantly... :)

Now you got my money already so please deliver what you have sold.

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