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I installed the Charter security suite on a Windows XP machine and it works fine but I get an "operation failed" message intermittently when opening Outlook.  It happens about half the time.  When Outlook opens successfully it works fine.  The version I installed is Charter Security Suite 9.01 build 105.  I tried restoring the system and then reinstalling but the same thing is happening.  I also tried turning off email filtering in F-secure but that did not help.

Any Ideas?


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    in outlook you can increase the timeout that the client waits for the server to finish the download. The default is only 60sec and that is too short.



  • JoeK
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    Thanks for the reply, but I do not think the email download was timing out.  When I got the "operation failed" message it happened immediately when trying to open Outlook.

    I DID get the problem fixed however.

    I deleted an f-secure add-in from the registry.  I believe it had something to do with spam detection.

    Outlook opens correctly all the time now!

    Thanks again,


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    such problem is not generally know.


    Please open a regular support case and provide FSDIAG, exact version number of outlook as well as a list of other plugins you use.




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