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9. How do I bookmark a post?

Bookmarks are an easy way to gather the posts in a single page. If you wish to save content for easier access, bookmark the post.

To bookmark:

  • Click the STAR icon next to the post title.

Once enabled, the respective post has been bookmarked.

10. How do I view my bookmarks?

To view your bookmarks:

  1. Click the big STAR icon next to your profile avatar.
  2. Select the All Bookmarks option to view all your bookmarks.

11. What is the difference between New Discussion, Ask a Question and New Idea?

When you create a new post, you must select one of the following discussion types: 

  • New Discussion
  • Ask a Question
  • New Idea

New Discussion is a 'discussion-comment' approach where you start a topic, and comments on that topic will be posted.

Ask a Question is for when you are looking for specific information. With this discussion type, every reply will have an option to mark it as an answer. This discussion style is available in the Home Security and Business Security products Categories.

New Idea is to post any ideas within the Feature Requests Category.

12. How do I insert an image in a post?

To insert an image in a post:

  1. Start a new post or leave a comment.
  2. Click the Image icon at the bottom of the text bar.
  3. Choose the image you would like to upload and follow the onscreen instructions.

13. How do I send a private Message?

To send a Private Message to a fellow community user:

  1. Login to the Community.
  2. Click the Envelope icon next to your profile avatar.
  3. Click the icon on the right of the Inbox which will open up a new message.
  4. Enter the Recipient's name in the Recipients box.
  5. Type the message in the next box.
  6. Click Post Message.

If you would like to see all of your messages, click 'All Messages' at the bottom of the Message Inbox.

14. How can I reply to a Private Message?

To reply to a Private Message:

  1. Login to the Community.
  2. Click the Envelope icon.
  3. Choose the private message which you would like to reply to.
  4. Under Add a Message, type your reply in the message box.
  5. Click Send Message to send your reply to the recipient.

15. How do I search for information in the Community?

To search for information in the Community, use the search bar on the main page of the Community or in the respective product boards. You can find the search bar on the right side of each product board.

16. How do I filter the search results?

If you would like to filter the search results by specific criteria, click the small inverted triangle at the end of the search bar. This will provide more filter options to narrow down your search results.

17. How do I mark all the posts as Read in a Discussion Category?

This setting enables you to mark all the current posts in the Discussion Category as Read. Once enabled, you will be seeing all the posts marked as Read and should be able to differentiate between any New posts henceforth and the previous old posts.

To mark all the posts as read in a Category:

  1.    Click Help Forums.
  2.    Click the Settings icon in the right side of the Category.
  3.    Click Mark Read to mark all the posts as read in this particular Category.
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